I have lost/forgotten my password.

Please generate a new password by choosing “forgot password”.

I can’t log in.

If you don’t have a login, please go to “Applicant registration” and create an account. If you do have a login and it does not respond, please contact us with your problem.

How do I know which studios are available?

We put all our available studios on our booking website. Many complexes are very popular and the studios are booked quickly. Keep an eye on the booking website.

How can I pay the booking?

You can pay the € 25,- booking fee and the packages by PayPal, Ideal and credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express are certainly approved). The booking fee is not refundable in case of cancellation.

Why can’t I find the available studio I just visited on the booking website?

When someone is visiting a certain studio, it disappears for 20 minutes for others who are searching. This is because we want you to have the time to book it while you are reading the information. If you decide not to book, the studio appears back on the booking website after 20 minutes. If it does not appear, it is booked and no longer available.

Can I be placed on a waiting list or can you send me an e-mail when a studio becomes available?

For some cities it is possible to register on our “future offer” list. We will email you when there is availability.

Can I book in advance?

The date indicated at the studios during booking will be the start date. Deviating from this is not possible. For example, it is not possible to book a studio of which the contract will only start two months later, unless this is indicated as the start date.

A code is requested when registering a studio?

If you didn’t receive a code from us or your university it means that the studio is already reserved for someone else and you can only book a room without a code.

Can I view the studio before booking?

Normally we don't do viewings at Xior. Pictures are available on our website. If there aren't any, please contact Xior by email via [email protected]
city = the city you want to live in

Spain: it is possible to do a site visit. To make an appointment for this. Please mail to: [email protected]

Can I live in a studio with two people?

Yes, if the studio is 30m² or larger, you can live with 2 people if you are in a relationship. In some cases it is allowed with a friend, but that differs per municipality. If you rent with 2 people, these costs will increase by 50%; Energy costs, deposit, costs for using the washing machines and furnishing costs. The basic rent remains the same. The second person must also register via the booking website and also pays € 75,- administration costs.

For Spain: double rooms are available as stated on the booking site. The price is the price per person. You can book this together with a friend or you can choose to have us put someone in with you.

Do I have to pay agency fees or rental fees?

No, you only pay € 25 registration costs with us to enter into a contract for the room of your choice.

Why do I pay registration costs?

You pay registration costs so that we can temporarily reserve the room for you. We will create a contract for you which you can sign within 10 days to finalize the booking. Within these 10 days, the room is not available for others to book. You register so that we can create a contract in your name.

How should I interpret the prices on the booking website?

Spain: the prices on the booking site are the monthly prices. However, these must be paid annually or quarterly.
This monthly price includes full board, cleaning and 24/7 reception.

Can I change the duration of the contract?

No, the duration of the contract can not be changed. Each room on the booking site has it's own designated contract period.